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Voting Information

If you are in line at the closing time of 7:00 PM you have the right to cast your vote.

What ID do I need to vote?



Show one of the forms of acceptable identification and sign the poll book to obtain your ballot:

    • A nonexpired Missouri driver or non-driver license;
    • A nonexpired military ID, including a veteran’s ID card;
    • A nonexpired United States passport; or
    • Another photo ID issued by the United States or the state of Missouri which is either not expired or expired after the date of the most recent general election.

If you do not possess any of these forms of identification, but are a registered voter, you may cast a provisional ballot.
Your provisional ballot will count if: (1) you return to your polling place on Election Day with a photo ID; or (2) the signature on your provisional ballot envelope is determined by your local election authority to match the signature on your voter registration record.

If you cast a provisional ballot, you will receive a stub from your provisional ballot envelope with instructions on how to verify that your provisional ballot is counted.

Acceptable forms of ID



How do I get a free photo ID?

If you do not possess an acceptable form of photo ID, you might be eligible for a free Missouri nondriver license for voting purposes.  

The Missouri Department of Revenue, through the license offices throughout the state, provides one (1) nondriver license at no charge to Missourians who wish to obtain a photo ID for voting purposes (and do not already have one).

Call 573-526-VOTE (8683) or visit

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Bureau of Vital Records, can provide one (1) fee exempt copy of a certified Missouri birth certificate to an individual seeking to obtain one (1) free nondriver’s license in order to vote in Missouri if the applicant does not already have a current nondriver’s license or current driver’s license.

Call (573) 751-6387 or email

The Missouri Secretary of State will help you obtain official documents needed to get a Missouri nondriver license.  Examples include birth certificate; marriage license; adoption decree; U.S. Department of State naturalization papers; or court order changing one's name. We will pay for official documents from other states or the federal government.

If you do not have a Photo ID, and want our help, click the link below and complete the form to get started. The Secretary of State's office will receive your information and help you obtain the documents you need.

Request Help Here

You can also contact the Secretary of State by calling toll free (866) 868-3245 or email for assistance.



Curbside Voting: Voters with limited mobility can vote "curbside" or outside the polling place. Just go to your polling place and ask someone to go in and ask poll workers to bring a ballot out to you or call our office at 816-415-8683 and we will alert the election judges at your poll. They should bring a ballot to your car within a reasonable period of time.

Accessible Polling Places: If you have physical disabilities, and your polling place is not accessible, you may request a different polling place assignment so that you may vote in a more accessible polling place. You may also vote at a central location. Simply contact us to make this request 816-415-8683.

Accessible Voting Systems: Every polling place has an accessible voting system for individuals with disabilities including audiovisual accessibility. Accessible systems include an audio ballot to make your selections or the ability to enlarge text so that you can read the on-screen ballot with ease.

Permanent Absentee Voting: If you have a permanent physical disability, you may request to be placed on a designated list so that the Election Board can automatically mail an absentee ballot application directly to you prior to each election. For information about how to be included on the Permanent Absentee list, click here.